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Persian Research Centre, New Delhi was stablished in 1984 AD. It is a research centre which is affiliated to Sa’adi Foundation which was founded on April 21, 2012 AD, laying the groundwork for teaching and learning Persian language worldwide.

This Centre is located in the premises of Iran Culture House, New Delhi.

The Centre started its activities with research on Indian Manuscripts and Cataloguing of the manuscripts, Books and printing manuscripts.

This Centre also compiled biographies of Persian teachers and latter started publishing its Persian journal “Qand-e- Parsi”. 84 issues of this journal have been published. 17 issues have been the special issues, like Bidel, Jalaluddin Rumi, Manuscripts of India, Amir Hasan Abedi, Nazir Ahmad, Yunus Jafari, Sharif Husain Qasemi, etc

This Centre has also published 7 volumes of its four language dictionary (Persian, Urdu, Hindi and English), “Farhang-e-Aryan. Rest of its volumes are being prepared and will be published soon.

More than 65 books like Basatin-ul Uns with the introduction of Prof. Nazir Ahmad by Prof. Rehana Khatoon, Ramayana (a Poetic Translation of Gerdhar Das) with the efforts of prof. Abdul Wadud Azhar Dehlavi and Dr Abdul Hamid Zeaei, Shahjahan Nama with the introduction and edition by Dr Mohammad Yunus Jaffery, Kulliyat-i-Azad Bilgrami with the introduction and edition by Prof. Hasan Abbas etc have been published by Persian Research Centre so far.

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Our collection proudly showcases the timeless works of illustrious Persian wordsmiths, capturing the essence of their cultural heritage and the profound beauty of their language. From the classical masterpieces of Rumi, Hafez, and Saadi to the contemporary brilliance of modern novelists, our library serves as a gateway to the soul-stirring narratives and poetic expressions that define Persian literature.

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